White Pearl






It has been the dream of Coastline Ventures to create a world-class experience at Gokarna for exploring & enchanting the Estuaries, Arabian sea & Western ghats especially in the state of Karnataka where they are still pristine and less touched. This will be home for the first cruise experience on one of the last remaining free-flowing water body. The Aghnashini creates an extensive and biodiverse estuary habitat before meandering into the Arabian sea at the confluence point. The Estuary is a massive water body  (2000 hectares), providing livelihood to thousands of fisher flock and farmers along its banks. Endowed with hundreds of hectares of mangroves, the estuarine ecosystem is home to extraordinary flora and fauna.

Being the only luxury cruise service in Gokarna, we are bound to provide you with world-class experience on your vacation. Handcrafted to perfection by expert boat builders from Goa, White pearl comes with all amenities to make you feel comfortable and relaxing. Our on-board crew is professionally trained to make your cruise a delightful experience without compromising on safety. White pearl cruise and the wonderful tourism destinations in Gokarna helps you escape the chaos of daily life and dive into the untouched Waterworld of Uttara Kannada. Think no further! Come here, explore Aghanashini and beyond!